The Plans! The Plans!

We are so excited about the latest step in our journey… we got the drawings from the architect and they are so pretty! They will need some fine tuning and still have to get approval from the village, but this is a huge step toward our goal of opening in 2018.

Much of what we did this last year was about clearing out the space and making room, doing what we could to prepare for what we thought was coming. The previous year had a couple huge and expensive projects, so this year our focus was much smaller and more detail oriented. Using some initial drawings, we had a mason block in some of the windows that will be walls, and close up two of the overhead doors that we won’t need. Our very enthusiastic volunteers had some extra time (and sledgehammers) one cleanup Sunday, and before we knew it the wall was tumbling down. Yes, the parts room that was occupying the spot where our Body Journey gallery will go is no longer in the way. One volunteer even borrowed a skid steer to load the block into two dumpsters.

We have one more wall to fill in, some more windows to change, and another ceiling to remove very soon. Then, we start making it look finished and clean, a blank space for our exhibit committee to fill with their amazing galleries.

Now that we have the drawings, the sky is the limit! Well… the budget is the limit, but now as we get funds we will be able to figure out exactly what to do next. We can take the plans to various contractors for estimates. We can break them down into components that can be done by volunteers as small projects. We will be able to get lists and costs for materials and approach suppliers for donations. This gives us something real and practical to use instead of maybes and somedays.

There are so many neat details in these plans, here are a few of my favorites:

Join us on our journey! If you have skills, we can use them. If you have construction materials, contact us to see if they are on our list or are something we can make work. If you own or work for a community minded company, we want to talk to you. This is the chance for the community to to really participate in making this something that will benefit the whole area in more ways than we can know.

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