PopUp Happenings – The simple things

Threaded rods and washers. That’s it. One of our most popular exhibits for ALL ages is about as simple as can be, just threaded rods with lots of washer mounted onto a board. We call it Zzzrrrmmm… because that is the sound it makes. It is so deceptively simple and yet such a powerful learning tool. Kids (and grownups) think they are just playing and making lots of noise, but there are so many lessons there. Learning about gravity… how all the washers go down. Scientific experimentation… what happens if I push/pull/shake the rod of the washers? And racing, so much racing!

Tonight we added giggles into the mix with this curly haired cutie who loved our beloved Zzzrrrmmm! Her biggest decision was what to set down so she could lift the washers.

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