PopUp Happenings – The fun things we find

This blogging every day thing is new and like all new habits, there are some hiccups along the way. But sometimes glitches can lead to something positive! More than once, I have found something blog worthy as I left for the day and had already written and scheduled my post. There are always fun things that kids do that we miss until long after they are gone. So I will start saving some of them to share on days when I slip and forget to take a picture during the day.

The first one is of our giant building blocks. I am endlessly amused by the ways that kids leave them. Sometimes they are scattered everywhere after an epic crash, other times we have some very organized kids come through!

Other times it is the artwork I find when I open in the morning that makes me smile:

Tomorrow is a new day and we will work on getting a new picture to go with it!

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