PopUp Happenings – Happy Chinese New Year!

What a great celebration today! We had great time on the first day of the year of the rat. Books to learn about it, crowns and masks, and fun crafts. We even learned about why orange is considered lucky in the Chinese culture and everyone got to take home a clementine for good luck.

We had a grandma come in with a group of young kids that mad beautiful dragons with their names in Chinese. The day ended wit a group of older kids that had an absolute blast!

ORANGE is Lucky!

Did you know? Two of the most common food symbols of the Chinese New Year are tangerines and oranges. Whereas tangerines represent wealth, oranges are a popular symbol of good luck. The associations come from a similarity between the Chinese words for tangerine and gold, as well as a resemblance between the words orange and good luck. It isn’t uncommon in Chinese culture for similar sounding or spelled words with very different meanings (homonyms) to become suggestive of one another over time. Oranges and tangerines are also a bright, vibrant orange, a happy color that’s associated with good fortune.


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