PopUp Happenings – Grand Opening!

Opening day is finally here! We loved our time at Hawthorn Mall, but we have been super excited for the small town feel of downtown Grayslake. So excited that we decided to blog about it. We are planning to tell you about some of the fun happenings with you every day, or at least most days, because some of the cuteness just needs to be shared with the world.

We were off to a rousing start this morning with kids giving the elevator a good workout to come play with us in our basement abode. By 9:30 am,  the PLAYing was in full swing!

Today Seth and Trevor had a great time at the craft table making these adorable sparkly penguins. Seth was particularly polite, when Alison handed him wipes to get the glue off his hands, she got an enthusiastic “Well, thank you!”

She also met a boy with an adorable “evil genius” laugh… his mother’s words, not hers! He loved experimenting with the gears on Geariosity.

Heidi got to hold a sweet baby, generously provided for her delight by one of our directors that brought her 4 year old son to PLAY. All in all, a fabulous first day!

Penguins by Seth and Trevor!

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