PopUp Happenings – Giggles Galore!

It was a super fun Saturday here! Lots of kids, lots of playing, and lots of laughing. One of our very first visitors had a great time with Bernoulli and showed me that he figured out how to get not just a balloon flying, but a ping pong ball too. He was so excited that it worked when I came over to take the picture!

About the same time, we have a marble run champion that created an impressive structure that sent his marbles in different directions straight back to the basket.

The day ended with some sweetness and friendship. Both girls jumped for joy when they were reunited and spent quite a while adventuring through the exhibits together. I caught this adorable shot of them working on making pictures with the gears. Shortly after they finished their creation, they were super excited to go upstairs to play dress up in the new exhibit at the Grayslake Heritage Center. I think I will head up there too!

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