PopUp Happenings – Day 2

The fun just kept coming yesterday! It turns out that I posted too soon. We had a visit from a budding engineer and her dad and they had a blast with the building blocks. They worked together to build some amazing structures but the funniest part was the delight she took in knocking them down as loudly and spectacularly as possible. The picture she asked me to take was quickly followed by a crash and lots of laughing. She wanted to stay and keep building all night, but had to get home to feed the kitty. They plan to return to see if they can build even more elaborate towers.

Today’s entertainment started off on a happy note, our very first guest was giggling so loudly that Alison could hear him in the elevator all the way down to see us! The days just stayed happy all day with lots of kids coming to visit us again. We are excited to keep this going!

Check out her tower!

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