PopUp Happenings – Building Trees?

Our day did not get off to the greatest start! We were wondering why it was so slow and discovered the reason why when the shift change time rolled around – the door was locked! Apparently, the meeting upstairs locked it out of habit since the Heritage Center Museum is not open today. If you stopped by to see us and couldn’t get in, we are so sorry!

Once the locked door problem was remedied, the playing began. Today’s cuties were all about building with the pipes. One young man, clearly the supervisor, spent more time than he wanted on the phone. Hos workers were just now answering! He did finally get through and got it all figured out. Whew!

Another worker wanted to build a tree house, but there was just one small problem – we don’t have a tree! It is a very good thing that you can build anything with a good imagination.

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