Behind the Scenes: Busy Brains Children’s Museum Exhibits: From Concept to Reality

When interviewing exhibit designers, Busy Brains Children’s Museum was purposeful in selecting William Greaves from Architects iN Design. Aside from his impressive resume of designing thirty children’s museum across the world, his philosophy of design is what impressed the Board of Directors. Mr. Greaves felt a museum should be reflective of its location. For example, the grocery store shopping area in our children’s museum is being designed as a farmer’s market shopping experience to reflect the many farmer’s markets throughout Lake County.

In the very beginning, the Board of Directors formed an Exhibit Committee which visited schools, homeschool groups and parent groups to interview children, teachers, and parents throughout Lake County. They were posed with the question – “If you were to create your own children’s museum what would be in it?” Those ideas were brought back to the committee, discussed and handed over to William Greaves who put together potential exhibits. The Board of Directors chose the galleries that aligned best with the mission of the museum.  

The Exhibit Committee was now tasked to narrow down the details of each exhibit. For numerous years a monthly Exhibit Committee would consist of a group of passionate individuals who brainstormed ideas on exhibits. Creative thoughts were drawn and written down as the group imagined children playing in these spaces. The Tot Lot, KIDstruction Zone and Our Town galleries were the first to be developed. Due to the complexity of The Body Journey and World of Water, the concepts have taken well over a year to develop.  Once the initial list of ideas are developed, they are sent over to William Greaves who will bounce back additional thoughts and questions.

This process will continue through a couple of cycles. Gallery sponsors have also been included to share their vision and add input.  It is very rewarding to get the first look at the detailed blue prints of a gallery. Blue prints for both the KIDStruction Zone and Tot Lot are now finalized. The concept has now become a reality. Both galleries can be built by community volunteers while some of the other galleries will use a designer.  The Exhibit Committee always welcomes passionate individuals to be a part of this process.

If interested, please visit our volunteer page for more details.

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