A new definition of Pioneer

When I say “pioneer” what do you think of?  Is it an image of a wagon train heading west?  I thought so.  That was my mental picture as well until I was called a pioneer in…..well let’s not mention the year.  😉

Kathy Goers, my co-founder, and I met while teaching at Lincoln School in Mundelein.  It was a unique school, full of best practices in education, including multi-age classrooms and a year-round calendar.   Many people in the area were, let’s say, VERY resistant to the changes we were making to education.  Our principal opened a staff meeting with the phrase, “Pioneers get all the arrows.”   We “circled our wagons,” grew very close as a staff, and I changed my mental image of a pioneer.

Pioneers are people that are creative enough to see something better on the horizon,  brave enough to invest their resources and energy in that idea, and strong enough to persevere when the going gets tough and the arrows start flying.

Maybe it was our shared experience as pioneers way back when, but Kathy and I, our staff and entire Board of Directors have this spirit.   We are determined to create a destination that encourages PLAY based interactive learning for the children of the region and to add a cultural resource for the families, schools and businesses in the area.

Join us on our pioneering journey.  Become a member of our PIONEERS FOR PLAY campaign by pledging to donate a minimum of $5 a month in 2019.   Head to http://busybrains.org/pioneers-for-play/ to sign up today.   Thank you.

One thought on “A new definition of Pioneer

  1. Honored and proud to sponsor such an outstanding and cutting- edge, children’s museum. Honored to have worked with these beyond amazing educators!

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