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  • Where are you?
  • When and where do you plan to open?
  • What is the museum going to have in it?
  • Do you do birthday parties?
  • How can I get involved?
  • How did you get this idea?
  • Are you a charity organization?
  • Where can I buy...?
  • Do you know...?
Where are you?  The building at 130 Cedar Avenue in downtown Lake Villa was donated to us in 2013. It is 14,000 square feet---plenty of room for lots of learning!

When do you plan to open?   We hope to open in late 2016.

What is the museum going to have in it?   The Exhibit Committee would love your help with this question! We will be creating 4 or 5 exhibit galleries, focused on science, art and humanities. All our exhibits will have a “Lake County feel”, meaning they will draw on the values, communities, and businesses that make our county great.  We have chosen Bill Greaves of Architects iN Design to create our master plan. (http://www.architectsindesign.com/)

(Will you) or Do you do birthday parties?   Yes and yes. We plan to have at least one birthday party space at our permanent museum.  Party packages will be worked out closer to opening. Right now we do parties on location.  We bring our series of traveling exhibits to your home, or other venue. We set up the exhibits, train the grown ups, and clean up.  We also provide a Busy Brains t-shirt to the birthday child, and ruler favors for all the guests. How easy! A three hour party rental is $200. Print/view our Birthday party flyer.

How can I get involved?   Our favorite question! We would love to have you join one of our committees, marketing, funds development, or exhibits. Each committee is chaired by a board member, meets monthly, and is open for new ideas.

How did you get this idea? Kathy Goers and Alison Price taught together in Mundelein, and were sharing ideas for work after kids.  Kathy recognized the need for such a museum, and Alison wouldn’t let the idea go away.

Are you a charity organization?  Yes, we are registered with the IRS as a public charity, 501(c)(3) organization.  This means that any donation is tax deductible.

Where can I buy….?  Some of the items we have incorporated into our exhibits are quite popular and available for purchase.   The connectors we use to create our Pressures tornado tube are available at most of our events for $3.   Please feel free to ask for other items!

Do you know….?  Probably.  Our organization has grown to include volunteers from throughout the county, and we have met some really fantastic business people and families.  We would love to add you to our list of friends---see you soon!



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