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Busy Brains Children's Museum Comes to you!

Traveling exhibits have visited preschools, elementary schools, and a variety of family events. For more information call 224-381-0138.

Here is a selection of the exhibits available for rental from Busy Brains Children's Museum. Each exhibit is a great complement to your lesson plans and promotes learning through interactive play.

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Rotational motion is an action that grabs kid's and adult's attention. The concepts of radial and linear motion are addressed and the mind is engaged exploring endless the designs created by meshing gears.





Use fine motor skills to create shapes, letters and design pictures out of colorful bands on this double-sided, enlarged geo-board.
Mystery of Flight

Mystery of Flight

Our most popular traveling exhibit is the Bernoulli Box. This teaches children about air flow and how airplanes stay aloft.

Children enjoying the ball float in the air.


Gravity is a hard concept to grasp. But, by adding a little sound, you'll get a lot of fun. A simple activity utilizing washers and pipes help kids understand this difficult subject.

Children playing with washers, seeing and hearing gravity.


Use various lengths of PVC pipes and connectors to build a structure of your dreams. This is a great large motor, team building activity.

Mom and children building with PVC pipes.
Rub a Dub!

Rub a Dub!

Create wonderful pictures using a simple crayon! Easy rubbings table is perfect for little hands - and larger artists!

Mom showing little how to rub a picture.


A favorite among children of all ages! Pretend you are a truck driver and dig away!

"Hi Alison, I just wanted to thank you and Heidi and the Busy Brain museum for being a part of our Madd walk. So many people were and still are talking about it. It was a great activity to keep the kids busy.
Hopefully we can have you out again at our yearly event."
Thanks again, The Trevithick Family

Comments from Red Apple:
  "The Children were amazed by the air movement."
  "I enjoyed watching the chldren learn how to build with PVC pipes."
  "One little boy recognized letter shapes as he was playihg with the pipes."
  "The kids had so much fun and learned so much!"

Busy Brains Children's Museum offers so much more than your average museum visit:

  • Unlimited use of rental exhibits
  • Free delivery, set-up and dismantle
  • Half-hour teacher training by certified educator and museum representative
  • Letter to parents describing exhibits and learning activities
  • Specific Core Curriculum state standards furnished upon request.

Right now, you can have all the exhibits in your own school for a daily rental fee or a full school week rental. Custom pricing and references are available upon request.

Pricing packages, exhibits, and availabilty may change at any time.

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