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Make a donation online; it's safe and secure.

EIN: 20-0912711

Make a donation by mail - Donate by Mail form

Send a check or money order payable to Busy Brains Children's Museum to:

Alison Price
Busy Brains Children's Museum
130 Cedar Avenue
P.O. Box 624
Lake Villa, IL 60046

You will receive a letter and receipt thanking you for your contribution. Please contact the museum with any questions: info@busybrains.org

Gallery, Exhibit and Room Sponsorship

Busy Brains Children's Museum welcomes the support of donors through an exhibit sponsorship program. By supporting Busy Brains Children's Museum, you will be a partner to the FIRST children's museum in Lake County, Illinois, and will become an important advocate in our quest to provide a world-class educational destination for the children, parents, and teachers of our great county.

Sponsorship delivers the following benefits to your family, business or corporation:

  • Showcasing your commitment to the local community
  • Improving the lives of your employees and the communities in which they live
  • Contributing to the economic success of a community undergoing revitalization
  • Exemplifying a socially responsible business
  • Enhancing your company image
  • Increasing brand awareness to a large, involved, and invested consumer audience

Material Donation List

Your financial support to Busy Brains Children's Museum is crucial in the development of our permanent facility. Another wonderful way you can contribute is through material donations.

The Exhibit Committee is in need of the following items:

  • Oversized toothbrushes & rope (dental floss)
  • Handouts for dental care (toothbrushes/floss)
  • Large eye glass lenses (clear/foggy)
  • Eye chart/ any old equipment used for eye exams
  • Speakers (for sound of heart beat)
  • Drum music or such to mimic heart beat
  • Doctors kits
  • Doctor/nurse/health care coats
  • X-ray reader machine (lights up to read x-rays)
  • X-rays
  • Nutrition/digestion books
  • Pulse monitor
  • Blood pressure checker
  • Casts
  • Gauze
  • Large visual models relating to the body (organs, skeletons, teeth, eyes, etc)
  • Any doctor?s office or hospital equipment
  • Toy boats (different styles, sizes to float)
  • Different size raincoats (various sizes)
  • Large map of Lake County/Chain o Lakes
  • Old truck (with open bed or no bed at all) for farmer?s market exhibit (does not need to run, with engine, gas tank/battery can be removed)
  • Medium size tractor (does not need to run)
  • Ambulance or old ambulance equipment
  • 3 clean empty 55 gallon (or smaller) drums to be used in the construction area
  • Any city type street item: benches, light poles, parking meters, construction barricades, flashing lights or large construction cones.
  • Carpet pieces or sheet vinyl flooring goods
  • Any construction materials for the house under construction exhibit
  • Old fashion scales for weighing produce
  • Anything we can use in the farmers market area to hold products and farm products

Any contractors who would like to build exhibit fronts or exhibit pieces, could supply free labor or materials on a donation basis, please contact, as well.

For these/other potential exhibit donations, please contact Kathy Goers at kathygoers@busybrains.org or call 224-381-1239.

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